Philip Ardagh
The Eddie Dickens Trilogy - Book One: Awful End

I had read this book in German and wrote a review for the German book as well. I read the English original after reading the sixth book in German, and actually, I had bought it for my son to make him read English books, too.
It’s well to read, the language is not too difficult, but of course, it lacks the element of surprise for me now. I’ve got to say, though, that the interpreter did a very good job to try to translate the subtleties into German. And he added a good deal of whimsical details. For instance, “Mad Aunt Maud” is translated to “Even Madder Aunt Maud” (even madder than Mad Uncle Jack... which she obviously is. Or isn’t she?).
A nice read, funny and sarky. And I LOVE the pictures.

Faber & Faber Ltd., 2000
ISBN 0-571-20354-X
Paperback, 129 pages with black-and-white drawings

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